Using Billboards for Funeral Home Advertising

In this week’s video, I discuss using billboards to advertise your funeral home. I cover when to use billboards, 3 tips for effective billboards, and a powerful resource that will make it a lot easier to order a billboards.

Below the video are short and long AI-generated summaries. Be sure to watch the video to see examples of funeral home billboards.

Short Summary of Using Billboards for Funeral Home Advertising

John Callaghan discusses the use of billboards for advertising funeral homes. They explain that billboards are primarily used for brand awareness and are best when part of an overall campaign. The key to an effective billboard is having a simple message. The speaker provides examples of good and bad billboards and offers three tips for using billboards: less is more, don’t lead with a platitude, and don’t make the audience think too much. The speaker also recommends a resource called, which allows users to design and upload their own billboards quickly and easily. They conclude by stating that billboards can be a good investment for funeral homes if there is a local option, a need for awareness, and a simple message.


Longer Summary of Using Billboards for Funeral Home Advertising

Hi, this is John Callaghan, and this week I’m continuing my series on advertising your funeral home, with a focus on billboards. How can you effectively use billboards to promote your funeral home? As you drive down the road, you might notice billboards advertising pre-planning, general funeral services, or cremation. It’s a common method many funeral homes employ.

When to Use Billboards

Billboards are excellent for brand awareness, especially if your funeral home is new, recently renamed, or has merged with another. They work best as part of a broader advertising campaign. When someone drives by at high speeds, they only glimpse your message briefly. To really make an impact, reinforce the same message through other channels like Facebook or Google ads.

Key Points for Effective Billboard Advertising

  1. Simplicity is Crucial: A billboard should convey a simple, clear message. Here’s an example from a funeral home in Toledo, Ohio, which advertised “High quality, affordable funerals.” Ideally, focusing on one trait, like affordability, might be more impactful.
  2. Less is More: Opt for fewer words, fonts, and colors. This makes the billboard easier to process at a glance. Avoid complex visuals or messages that require drivers to think deeply.
  3. Avoid Platitudes: Phrases like “When quality matters” are too generic and could apply to any business. They don’t capture attention or communicate anything unique about your service.

Utilizing Resources

A fantastic resource for quick and flexible billboard advertising is This site allows you to design and upload your billboard advertisement, choose from thousands of locations, and have your ad displayed within hours. This platform is especially useful for short-term promotions without the long-term commitments required by traditional media companies.


Billboards can be an effective tool for local advertising if used correctly. The key is to maintain a simple message that can be easily understood at a glance. Next week, I’ll provide more insights on using advertising to attract more clients and better serve families. Bye for now.

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