How to write a script for a 30-second commercial for your funeral home

One of the best advertising tools you can have is a 30-second commercial. It could be an audio only commercial that you run on a local radio station or a video commercial that you run on TV, Facebook, or YouTube.

The key to a great 30-second commercial is the script. Over the years I’ve written hundreds of scripts for my clients and have a very simple process. In this video, I show you an example of a TV commercial and explain my three step process.

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AI-generated Summary: How to write a script for a 30-second commercial for your funeral home

Hello, this is John Callaghan. This week, we’re going to discuss 30-second commercials, which are ideal for radio and TV ads, as well as for platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Why 30 seconds? Consider the average person’s attention span these days—it’s brief. You have a small window to capture their interest and convey your message. Although Facebook and YouTube allow longer ads, people likely won’t stay engaged; they have short attention spans, so you have 30 seconds to make an impact.

The script is crucial. You must grab their attention in that half-minute so they don’t switch away. It’s a mistake to let the media company write your script. They typically focus on brand awareness, which, although beneficial for major corporations with large advertising budgets, isn’t suitable for smaller businesses. You need direct-response advertising, which media companies often lack expertise in. Unlike the ‘creativity plus repetition’ method they employ, direct response aims to prompt immediate action without a hefty ad spend.

Over the years, I’ve crafted hundreds, if not thousands, of ad scripts. Let me share my three-step process—it’s straightforward. If you can write an obituary, you can create a 30-second commercial. First, let’s look at an example. I’ll introduce Amy Walton, General Manager of Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center, and Cemetery in Evansville, Indiana. I scripted an ad for them last year as part of a seven-video campaign. Here’s the ad:

***watch the video to see the commercial***

To create such a video, begin with preparation. Consider the constraints—you have only about 75 words for a 30-second ad. Determine the theme or goal; here, it’s to educate about cremation options, not just price. Then, employ the direct response structure: attention, interest, desire, and action. Plan what to achieve in each phase.

Next, draft your script. The initial version will likely exceed the word count, so edit ruthlessly to condense the message. Afterward, finalize it. Let the draft sit for a day or two, then return to simplify, validate, and test the script. Ensure it’s concise and delivers the intended message. Read it aloud to check for flow—adjust if necessary.

This process of preparing, drafting, and finalizing isn’t complicated. With practice, anyone can craft an effective 30-second ad for various platforms.

I offer a free audit if you’d like feedback on your ad. Send it to, and I’ll review it and advise whether it’s worth the investment.

I’m John Callaghan, and I’ll return next week with more advertising insights for your funeral home.

Goodbye for now.

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