Creating your roadmap to $10M

One of my client’s revenue has grown significantly over the past few years. Every year his call volume increases, as does his revenue per call.

What was once a break-even business is now very profitable. I recently asked him what he thought was the secret to their growth. His response was, “creativity.”

I asked him for an example, and he said that one thing his Funeral Directors are required to do is come up with something that will pleasantly surprise every family they serve. Regardless of how much money the family spends, he wants to ensure they always have a “Wow moment.”

He said his competitors only do “cookie-cutter” funerals, and personalization is limited to a video tribute and memorial folders. In contrast, he has created a “creativity roadmap” that his staff uses to create beautiful and meaningful services for every family. The “Wow” moment is the cherry on top.

The important point is that he had a character attribute in mind that he believed would set them apart from the competition. Then he translated that characteristic into specific actions.

In last week’s article, I discussed how a Funeral Business Builder needs to demonstrate leadership by creating a clear mission statement that sets the direction for the team. If you missed that article, here’s the link.

Most funeral home owners will take their mission statement, frame it, and hang it someplace where the staff will see it. But a Funeral Business Builder knows that displaying your mission statement isn’t enough.

That’s where characteristics and actions come into play. 

Today, the team at your funeral home has a particular set of skills or attributes. But your goal is to take your business to the next level, and you’ve written a mission statement that describes what that looks like and when you’ll get there.

A small percentage of your team can get there on their own. But most need you to provide a roadmap to follow.

Your roadmap defines the key characteristics you and your team must embody to accomplish your mission. So you’re basically telling everybody on the team who they need to become.

My client had looked into the future and said, “when we get to $10M, we want to be known for creativity”. 

What do you want your team to be known for?

Creativity is a great option. How about compassion? Transparency? Collaboration? Honesty? Flawless services? Community involvement?

Don’t overcomplicate this. Just come up with a list of three or four characteristics your team members will be known for when they accomplish your mission.

Next, take each of those characteristics and define the corresponding actions. For example,


  • Listen to the life story to find the highlights
  • Suggest ways that you can help tell the life story
  • Come up with a way for the family to participate
  • Procure and present a surprise for family members (e.g., grandma’s favorite cookies)

Your mission statement defines your destination. Creating a list of key characteristics and actions tells your team how to get there. It’s the roadmap for getting from where you are today to the $10M funeral home business you’ve dreamed of having.

To become a Funeral Business Builder, a funeral home owner must develop stronger leadership skills. One of the best skills you can develop is the ability to define the characteristics your team must embody and the actions they must take to achieve your company’s mission.

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