A Valuable Funeral Experience is Your Best Marketing

Here’s what new clients often ask me…

“What’s the best way to market a funeral home? Should we use TV, radio, billboards, social media or something else? What will have the best return on investment?”

Here’s the short answer then I’ll elaborate…

The best form of marketing for any funeral home is to deliver a funeral experience that people value.


Because a valuable funeral experience creates “word of mouth” marketing. In other words, people will talk about the experience with their friends, neighbors, coworkers etc.

You could spend thousands of dollars every month with a social media company and end up with a Facebook page filled with a bunch of images with nice sayings and your logo (i.e., the wrong way to use FB). Your ROI on that type investment is pretty much….zero.

Or you can invest the same money in creating an immersive experience similar to the ShareLife experience created by Foundation Partners and get a tremendous ROI.

Here’s an excerpt from a Google review posted by a family served at one of their funeral homes….

“Shaun made an unbearable experience bearable! We received such incredible feedback from friends and family that is was the most beautiful service they ever attended.”

It doesn’t matter whether the family spent $5,000 or $50,000. What matters is that they valued the experience. As a result, the funeral home gets another 5-star review of Google (HUGE VALUE) and they get tremendous word of mouth marketing for FREE.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the value of the funeral experience. One easy change every funeral home owner can make is to have a Certified Funeral Celebrant on staff. Many families, especially those without a church home, find tremendous value in having a celebrant create a personalized memorial event.

You could spend money with a social media company and get a bunch of cute posts or you could invest the same amount in the celebrant training and create an experience people value. I recommend the later.

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