Creating Options for Families Who Do Not Want a Funeral

One of the most important things you can do to grow your funeral home business is to create options for families who do not want a traditional funeral. In this training, I share a module from my Family Support Arrangements Course that walks you through the process.

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Hello, this is John Callaghan, Your Funeral Business Builder.

This week, we’re discussing how to provide options for families who prefer alternatives to traditional funerals. It’s important to note that just because they reject a funeral doesn’t mean they want nothing. They’re asking, “What else can you offer?”

On my mind map, you’ll find this under the “inside reality” section, specifically categorized as non-traditional options.

As I prepared for this discussion, I realized I’ve covered this topic in a previous arrangement course. I’ll insert that video here for your reference. It’s about eight minutes long and offers insights into creating diverse options, along with examples. Feel free to fast forward through it if you’d like, and I’ll return at the end.

In the preparations section of this course, we’ll address what you should do before families arrive. It’s crucial to have new options available, as many assume funeral homes only provide traditional services like visitations and church ceremonies.

However, societal changes have led to a shift in preferences. For instance, 70% of baby boomers reject their parents’ funeral experiences. Hence, offering diverse options is essential to cater to different generations and expand your market.

These options include various ways of handling the deceased, such as burial, cremation, or even innovative methods like water cremation and human composting.

Additionally, the format of gatherings and ceremonies needs to be flexible. Celebrants have gained popularity, especially for those without a church affiliation, as they offer a meaningful alternative to traditional clergy-led services.

Furthermore, funeral homes should consider unique resting places, such as scattering remains in special locations or sending ashes into space. It’s crucial to be prepared with different options, especially for families opting for cremation, who may not be aware of all the possibilities beyond bringing the urn home.

Additionally, providing options for receptions is important in some regions. While regulations may vary, presenting alternatives can appeal to certain families and make a significant difference in arrangements.

Remember, when families say they don’t want a funeral, it’s an opportunity to present alternative options. Some may choose these alternatives, leading to a more diverse clientele and potentially better financial outcomes.

Twenty years ago, while working with a client we created packages called “Natural Farewell,” “Simple Farewell,” and “Healing Farewell”. These packages offer alternatives to traditional funerals and cater to changing preferences.

Additionally, organizations like the Foundation Partners have innovative approaches, such as the “Share Life Experience,” providing alternatives to traditional funeral services.

Many of my clients use my trademarked names of “Private Farewell” and “Beautiful Farewell” in order to distinguish their offerings in the market.

While options may be limited based on your funeral home’s resources and state regulations, creativity is key in providing alternatives that resonate with different generations.

For example, offering a toast with wine and beer or obtaining liquor licenses can cater to the preferences of baby boomers seeking more casual gatherings. Providing such options not only meets the evolving needs of clients but also sets your funeral home apart from competitors.

In conclusion, offering diverse options beyond traditional funerals is essential to meet the changing preferences of clients and expand your market reach. By providing alternatives that resonate with different generations and branding them effectively, you can attract a broader clientele and thrive in the evolving funeral industry landscape.

I hope you found this training helpful. If you’d like to explore further, I’ll provide a link to the full arrangement course below this video. Stay tuned for more training next week. Bye for now.

Click here to access my Family Support Arrangement Course. Use the coupon code “fbb” at checkout and receive a 50% discount plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

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