Choosing Your Marketing Strategy

Here’s video #10 in the “Training From The Bowling Alley Parking Lot Series”.

In this video I describe the basic marketing strategies that are available for any business and how to choose the right one for your funeral home.

If you missed the previous videos in the series here’s the links.
Video #1 – Inside Reality vs Outside Perception,
Video #2 – Who do you compete with ,
Video #3 – Why most funeral home advertising does not work,
Video #4 – How to get your ad noticed,
Video #5 – Pushing the right hot buttons ,
Video #6 – What families need before they buy,
Video #7 – Selecting the right topics,
Video #8 – Baby Boomer Women,
Video #9 – Easier Arrangements,
If you would like to download this video in mp4 format (ipad friendly) Click Here

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