Here’s video #8 of 10 in the “Training From The Bowling Alley Parking Lot Series”.

In this video I explain why you need to target all of your marketing towards the baby boomer women in your community.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Women

  1. John, after watching video 8 on “Who is your target audience to market to?” you state it is now the baby boomer age 45-65. While many of them are involved in the decision to select a funeral home and the decisions involved in planning the funeral, the audience I target to is WHO DECIDES WHICH FUNERAL HOME TO USE. I believe that is still, MOST OF THE TIME, people over 65. Only a minority of people die before they are 65 and if a married couple dies, THEY decide which funeral home to use if preneed, and the surviving spouse decides if their spouse dies. So I market to people over 65. We can’t ignore the boomers, as you are right, the daughter is influential in all decisions. But we all have limited budgets, and if I zero in on who to market to, I believe it to be the baby boomers parents.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Actually I think we’re talking about two different decisions. I agree that people over 65 are “who decides which funeral home to use” but that’s only part of the marketing problem. The other issue is what kind of service will the family have when the 65+ person passes away. That decision falls to the baby boomer woman as I said in the video. If all of your families are still having traditional funerals then you’re right, just market to the over 65 crowd. But if more and more of them are not having traditional funerals it’s because the baby boomer woman doesn’t support the tradition. In general, for pre-need you can focus on 65+ but at-need should focus on 45 to 65.

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