Who Do You Compete With

Here’s video #2 in the “Training From The Bowling Alley Parking Lot Series”. In this video I discuss how in some parts of the country funeral homes are facing a new type of competitor.

If you missed the first video in the series here’s the link. Video #1

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7 thoughts on “Who Do You Compete With

  1. thanks for confirming what I see going on (or not going on) in funeral service today. these trends are costing us severe loss in revenue. trying to keep up with the technology being requested by the ‘baby boomers’ is also a challenge that needs to be met to retain ‘market share’. this concern weighs heavily on smaller independent firms such as mine. again thanks for the reminder and sage advice that we need to be forward thinkers..pgp

    1. You’re welcome Paul. In today’s market, you either work hard to be a forward thinker or someone will run right over top of you!

  2. I manage a new funeral home located in a cemetery established in 1904. This new building has 3 visitation rooms, 2 designed with receptions in mind (kitchenette as part of 1 room) in the almost 2 years since opening, with +200 cases per year we have had 3 visitations and almost 40 catered receptions. I wish there were no visitation rooms (we could use the chapel) and a much larger reception room. You are absolutely correct in your video. We can either worry about our competition or stay up to date with what our clients want and need and remain financially sound.

    1. The challenge is always to prioritize your renovations when you are on a tight budget. The safest, most important, and least expensive part of your facility to upgrade is the bathrooms.

      Today’s decision maker is a baby boom woman. If she has to use a dingy outdated bathroom the chances of her ever wanting to come back to your funeral home …zero.

  3. What you said is very true. We have been having more and more families taking the memorial service from the funeral home and church and just going to restaurants, clubs etc. It is a trend that is very scary and like some of the other firms we are a small independent funeral home. It is very difficult to to meet our overhead costs

    1. One strategy is to partner with a local restaurant and make that part of the package you offer the family. If you are putting the deal together you should expect to make at least 20% off the top and the restaurant does most of the work. It’s not a bad model and there are funeral homes doing this in various parts of the country.

  4. You are preaching to the choir John. Thats why we launched our site and are working WITH funeral homes to help them serve the Baby Boomers who want to have a celebration. Would really like to connect sometime.


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