How to Market Healing

I decided to take a bit of a gamble with the subject
of this newsletter….”how to market healing”.

The key issue is the word “healing”.

Sadly, there are a lot of funeral service
professionals who still think that they are in the
business of providing compassionate care for the

The rest of you understand that taking care of the
deceased is just a small (but important) part of what
you do. And that you are really in the business of
taking care of the family and friends during the time
of a loss.

A discount service provider can take care of the
remains so a full service funeral home HAS to do

You really aren’t in the deathcare industry (a term
that I can’t stand) you are in the healing experience

You are helping people heal during one of the most
difficult times in their life. What you do during
this time has a direct impact on how much grief they
will struggle with for years to come.

This newsletter goes out to over 4,300 funeral
service professionals. My gamble this week is that by
including the word “healing” in the title the people
who don’t see value in healing the family won’t read
the newsletter.

Discount service providers…won’t read this email

Old school funeral directors who are still stuck in
the 1970’s mindset…won’t read this email.

Vendors who think that the only important thing at a
funeral is the casket…won’t read this email.

Somehow…I’m ok with that

As a nurturing/healing person you have the ability to
help people during a very difficult time. As a
business person you know that you have to help a
certain number of people just to stay in business.

Given that we’re in a recession, and that your
average revenue per call will probably go down this
year, you are going to need to win more calls
in order to maintain your total revenue.

To attract more calls you’re going to have to market
your funeral home better. But how do you market a
“healing” funeral home?

One way to find the answer to that question is to
consider how other healing focused businesses market

For example…how does a church market themselves?

Do they run massive ad campaigns aimed at people who
should be attending church? No.

In fact, most churches market themselves (and
therefore grow) through two major strategies;
education and relationships.

Every church service includes an educational
component (i.e. the sermon/message). Most outreach
programs are educational in nature.

Once you’re in a churches database you’re going to
receive endless opportunities to establish and
cultivate relationships within the church family.

A church offers healing to the spiritually wounded of
the community and they market through education and

Is there a lesson there for funeral service
professionals? I think so.

You offer healing to the emotionally wounded at the
time of a loss and you attract more calls by
educating the market while proactively cultivating

How do you market healing? Through education and

You can learn more about how to do this in my book
the Strategic Marketing Plan for Funeral
Service Professionals.

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